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My Top 10 Tips to Do with Your Money in Uncertain Times

Since March 2020, many Americans have been living in a financial crisis due to the global pandemic and its effects on the economy. The biggest question I've received from new clients is "How was I not prepared for this?"

It might seem like there is no where to go or that you're running in circles with no end in sight...or feeling financially crippled and stuck. I can promise you this, this isn't the end, you can recover, and here are my "Top 10 Tips to Do with Your Money in Uncertain Times."

If you want to find out more about these tips or how to adjust for any financial situation, contact me today and sign up for a FREE 15 MIN FINANCIAL REVIEW!


1. Pay Minimums

2. Re-Negotiate Your Utility Bills (Cable, Cell, etc)

3. Shop Car & Homeowners Insurance

4. Cook at Home. Your heart will thank you!

5. Review all Your Policies (Life, Retirement, College, etc.)

6. Do a Beneficiary Review

7. DO NOT SELL off all your Investments

8. Buy More

9. SAVE! I don't care if it's $1 - S-A-V-E!

10. Do not Panic! You'll get through this (and we are here to help!)

If you want to hear more about my Top 10 Tips, check out my recent interview on "To the Point with Eric Mitchell!"

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