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Wealth and Wellness (3-day challenge)

Millionaire Within CEO Cynthia Frunzi and her friend Nikkia Blair will be holding a 3-day challenge on March 20-22, 2023. The event will be 30 minutes daily for 3 days.

We aim to empower women to create and obtain the future of their dreams. Financial freedom and financial literacy need action to be fulfilled and we are here to help you reach that. With this event, we can cover multiple financial topics like work-life money coherence, goal setting and how to accomplish the goals, and of course, SELF CARE.

We are inviting everyone to join. This event is 100% free. We will be delighted to see you there! Sign up here to join --> Wealth & Wellness Zoom Registration **no hidden charges, no product selling, we are only paying the kindness and blessings forward**

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