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RECENT PRESS | Millionaire Within

Check out Millionaire Within's recent features in the press and media. If you're a member of the media and would like to speak with a member of the Millionaire Within's team or our Founder, Cynthia Frunzi, please email all press inquiries to Starbaby Enterprises' Butch Seltzer at

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It's a whole new world we're living in as we navigate this current global pandemic and the restrictions that accompany it. If you're a high school junior looking ahead to college admissions season this fall, you've likely had to seriously alter many of the plans you had in place to prepare for your post-secondary life.


With school on hold, standardized tests canceled, and campus visits unavailable, how can you move forward with college planning? It's certainly a new landscape, but you do have options to help you learn about colleges, interact with admissions representatives, and start preparing for your applications. Our Guest Cynthia Frunzi lays out some helpful ideas in this episode.



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“To the Point” this Wednesday is ALL - NEW with #WomenWednesday. Cynthia Frunzi shares 9 things to do with your Money in Uncertain times.



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Watch Cynthia Frunzi on TO THE POINT, For #WomenWednesday With Eric L. Mitchell.  The mission of Millionaire Within is to inspire people for greatness, starting with financial literacy. We aim to educate men, women, and families on how money works and provide the tools needed to empower them for a successful financial future. The goal is to help people believe in their dreams again; to understand that making money is a journey and a blessing, and not something we have to stress over. Through Millionaire Within, we provide educational seminars, one-on-one counseling, and implementation coaching. At Millionaire Within, we do not aim to simply give “advice”, we aim to help people actual implement the tools and skills necessary for financial success!



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Watch Cynthia Frunzi on TO THE POINT, With Eric L. Mitchell. A refreshingly different view of the world, with guests getting granular through the lens of politics, society, entertainment and culture. Distilled and "To the Point"; because that's where the essence is!



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